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Vancouver Lawyer Tim Louis

Offering Legal Services for Personal Injury, Long-term Disability, Wrongful Dismissal and Wills Variation

Tim Louis,has been in the legal profession in Vancouver since 1984. After completing his articles at Harry Rankin & Company, Tim founded Tim Louis and Company. Even before law school, Harry offered his very strong support to Tim by writing a letter to the UBC Law Faculty, which resulted in Tim’s admission to. Harry became a mentor and shaped Tim’s politics and approach to law and services to clients.

His intention in founding the firm was to provide affordable legal services on matters of everyday concern. Whether it is personal injury, long-term disability, wrongful termination or estate/wills litigation, Tim fights for the rights of clients who have been wronged or denied the justice the deserve.

When you need a lawyer who specializes in personal injury, long-term disability, wrongful dismissal or termination, or wills variation contact Tim Louis.

Give Tim Louis a call today at (604) 732-7678 for a no-fee telephone consultation, during which he will answer all your questions, no matter how complex.

Tim Louis

Long-Term Disability, Personal Injury, Employment, Wills/Estate Litigation, Vancouver

Email: timlouis@timlouislaw.com
Tim's political website: https://timlouis.ca

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Separate and apart from my public and community boards, I have 40+ years of activism within the disability community:

  • Active in the disability community for over 40 years.
  • Pacific Transit Cooperative. I co-founded the PTC during my first year of Law School. It was my idea to create the world’s only coop made up of Handydart users. PTC successfully won the Translink contract to operate Handydart in Vancouver every year for 27 years.
  • One of the co-founders of the BC Coalition of the Disabled [now known as the BC Disability Alliance] in the late 1970’s. Over the years, fellow board members elected me many times as the chair of the board.
  • I helped to found the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. PIAC takes test cases to Court to set precedents. One of the areas it focuses on is disability cases. I was elected chair several times by my fellow PIAC board members.
  • I was one of the co-founders of the Association of CSIL Employers [ACE]. CSIL is a program whereby Health Authorities provide monthly funding to individuals with disabilities such that they may hire personal care attendants directly as opposed to going through a homemaker agency. Ken Kramer, the chair of ACE, and I successfully lobbied the provincial government for a 30% raise in the hourly rate of CSIL personal care attendants.
  • I sit on Translink’s Handydart User Advisory Committee [HDUAC]. HDUAC members unanimously elected me as HDUAC chair approximately 18 months ago.

Tim also writes a weekly blog on the issues: Tim Louis on the Issues

When he’s not working or advocating for change, Tim enjoys the outdoors with long time life partner Penny Parry, listening to audio books and political events.

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Karolina Pawlak – Paralegal


Karolina Pawlak is a designated paralegal since 2018. Has the Appointment for the Appointment of a Commissioner for taking Affidavits effective April 1, 2019. Attends trial, mediations and discovery.

Outside of Law –passionate about health, nutrition, fitness and wellness – avid Crossfitter – also coach Crossfit, personal trainer, love dogs, and currently taking a Health Coaching course. Love animals.

Krista McLean – Legal Assistant


Krista has been with Tim Louis and Company since 2010 and has a background in human resources.

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Penny Parry:

Penny Parry is Tim’s life partner. Although she is not a formal employee, she works on many of Tim’s files offering wise insight and analysis.

In 1974, Penny received her PhD in clinical psychology from McGill University and proceeded to work as a clinical psychologist for many years until becoming a member of the Faculty of Child and Youth Care at the University of Victoria where she achieved tenure as an Associate Professor.

Penny and Tim met in 1984. Shortly thereafter Penny left the University of Victoria to move to Vancouver where she continued to work as a psychologist until she became the the Child and Youth Advocate for the City of Vancouver.

In 2001, Penny decided to study art and enrolled in Emily Carr, graduating 4 years later with a BFA. Since then, Penny works at her art practice and is involved in community activism.

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