Long Term Disability Lawyer Tim Louis

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Long-Term Disability Lawyer Tim Louis

Are you struggling with a long-term disability that has left you unable to work? If so, you may be entitled to receive long-term disability benefits that can help cover your living expenses and medical costs. However, navigating the complex process of applying for and obtaining these benefits can be overwhelming and frustrating. That’s where an experienced long-term disability lawyer in Vancouver, BC, can help.

At Tim Louis Law, we understand the challenges that come with dealing with a long-term disability. We’re committed to helping our clients get the support and benefits they deserve, and we have a track record of success in achieving positive outcomes for our clients. Whether you’re just starting the application process or need help appealing a denied claim, we can provide the legal guidance and support you need.


Why Long-Term Disability Claims Are a Numbers Game – and Why You Need Tim Louis on Your Side

For the insurance industry, long-term disability benefits are a numbers game. It knows that only a fraction of the people suffering a long-term disability will file a claim and that only a small portion of that group will hire a lawyer if the claim is denied.

From there, the industry knows that only a small fraction of the people who hire a long-term disability lawyer will go to trial to get the compensation they rightfully deserve.

The companies involved have a lot to gain by denying claims, but just because you’ve been denied doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story. If you’re suffering from a long-term disability (LTD), you should be talking to the long-term disability lawyer Tim Louis.

Tim Louis is a long-term disability insurance claim lawyer, with over four decades of legal experience, who has successfully sued the following insurance companies to protect his clients.

These companies include:


Long-term disability is a quality-of-life issue that needs proper recognition and care

Anyone who’s ever suffered some form of long-term disability knows that the effects on one’s physical, mental and emotional state can be traumatic. All aspects of one’s personal well-being are affected, especially an individual’s family.

Long-term disability, and with it the loss of work and income, does result in real financial hardship. The distress caused by the denial of long-term disability payments may give you the right to sue for mental distress on top of the long-term disability benefits. Naturally, insurance companies are loathed to pay out on such claims because the costs greatly impact their bottom line.

If you have long-term disability insurance coverage, and if you’re suffering from a debilitating illness or injury, then you deserve compensation. Tim Louis has consistently fought for his clients to ensure they get the long-term disability benefits to which they are legally entitled.


A long-term disability claim lawyer with more than 40 years of experience

Tim Louis has been representing those who have been denied long-term disability for more than four decades. Nothing is as important as hiring the right lawyer when it comes to a long-term disability lawsuit.

He has successfully sued some of the largest insurance companies in the world on behalf of deserving clients.

He has also appealed the decisions of the Federal government in CPP disability claims on behalf of his clients.

Tim Louis has fought for individuals suffering from these conditions:

For seasoned long-term disability and personal injury lawyer Tim Louis, every case is a personal fight on behalf of an important client. He is always accessible, returns call promptly, and starts every case by getting to know the client involved. Tim Louis fights to get the long-term disability benefits you are entitled to from your long-term disability insurance company, so you can look after your health.

Tim’s clients are real people, not file folders, and his ultimate goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for them.


Why Tim Louis is the Ideal Lawyer for Your Long-Term Disability Case in Vancouver

Tim Louis is a well-known and respected lawyer in Vancouver, Canada, with extensive experience in a wide range of legal areas, including long-term disability cases. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider hiring Tim Louis for a long-term disability case:

  1. Experience: Tim Louis has been practicing law in Vancouver for over 40 years and has helped countless clients with their legal issues. He has extensive experience in long-term disability cases and has a track record of success in achieving positive outcomes for his clients.
  2. Personalized Service: Tim Louis is committed to providing personalized service to his clients, taking the time to listen to their concerns and needs and tailoring his approach to their individual situation. He understands the stress and anxiety that can come with a long-term disability case and strives to provide compassionate and supportive legal guidance.
  3. Expertise: Tim Louis has a deep understanding of the legal system and the nuances of long-term disability cases. He can provide guidance on the legal and procedural requirements for filing a claim and can navigate complex legal issues to help ensure that his clients receive the benefits they are entitled to.
  4. Communication: Tim Louis believes in keeping his clients informed and up-to-date throughout the legal process. He is responsive to his clients’ needs and can answer questions and address concerns in a timely and professional manner.
  5. Advocacy: Tim Louis is a passionate advocate for his clients and will fight tirelessly to ensure that their rights are protected and their interests are represented. He is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients and will not hesitate to take the case to court if necessary.

Overall, if you are looking for a skilled, experienced, and compassionate lawyer to represent you in a long-term disability case in Vancouver, Tim Louis may be an excellent choice.


If your long-term disability claim has been denied, call Tim Louis who specializes in long-term-disability

The sad reality is that denied claims are often just an insurance industry tactic to save money, and the policy holder suffers as a result.

Give Tim Louis a call today at (604) 732-7678 for a no-fee telephone consultation, during which he will answer all your questions, no matter how complex. If you have received the insurance claim denial in writing, he will also review the letter and schedule a second no-fee telephone consultation to review and assess that long-term disability claim denial.

The sad reality is that those who suffer from long-term disability, especially when it involves ongoing pain, can be vulnerable to poor decision-making as a result of their disability. They may not be thinking clearly, they may be suffering from related depression, or they may just be distracted by their problems.

In order to get them the help that is due to them, they need a champion in their corner and the best way to get that is to hire a good lawyer, like Tim Louis.

“Oftentimes it’s a relief just to turn the case over to a lawyer so it can be fought vigorously on their behalf,” says Tim. “Just knowing that someone is fighting the battle so they can concentrate on the quality of life issues can be a huge benefit.

“In the end, the insurance companies may have their definition of the bottom line, but at Tim Louis and Company, the bottom line involves a just and fair settlement for each and every client.”


Frequently Asked Questions

2. What conditions qualify for long-term disability?

If you have a medical or physical condition that prevents you from continuing to work at your current job, you qualify for long-term disability.

3. What happens to long-term disability if you lose your job?

While your long-term disability coverage comes to an end if you lose your job, your long-term disability benefits do not come to an end.

4. How do I appeal a long-term disability claim?

To appeal a long-term disability claim, you need to ask for an application form from your employer. Part of the form requires information in the form of an Attending Physician’s Statement. This gets filled out by the doctor, and depending on the employer’s rules, it is submitted to your employer, who in turn sends it to your insurer, or it goes directly to the insurance company.

5. Can my employer terminate me while on long-term disability?

Yes, an employer can terminate an employee while on long-term disability. You have grounds for a lawsuit against your employer for termination without cause if the employer has not waited long enough for you to recover and return to work.

What is long enough? It depends on how long you had worked for the employer before the long-term disability claim, as well as your doctor’s diagnosis, prognosis and prediction for when you would be able to return to work.

Whether your employer does or does not have grounds to terminate you, this has no impact whatsoever on your right to continue receiving long-term disability benefits and/or payments from your long-term disability insurance company.

6. Are you still employed when on long term disability?

Yes, you are still an employee of your employer while you are on long-term disability, unless your employer has terminated you and you are no longer employed.

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