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If you have recently suffered injuries as a result of a pedestrian accident, you know just how serious these injuries can be. The human body is no match when pitted against a steel object weighing +2,000 pounds. It is the weight difference between a person and a car, and not the speed of impact, that makes these injuries so potentially serious. To make matters worse, pedestrian accident victims typically suffer not just the pain and suffering that comes from a serious injury, but also a significant loss of income. I have been representing pedestrian accident victims for over 32 years. I am always pleased to provide pedestrian accident victims with an initial consultation on a no-fee basis.

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My most recent pedestrian accident case just settled out of court for over $200,000.

pedestrian on sidewalkMy pedestrian client was on the sidewalk and was hit by a vehicle as the driver exited a back alley which crossed the sidewalk. The driver had a very different version of events. As Discovery, he gave sworn evidence that my client was not on the sidewalk but was in the middle of the street. By aggressively cross-examining him at Discovery, I was able to demonstrate to his lawyer that he had very little hope of being believed at trial. This opened the door to victory and a good settlement for my client’s pain and suffering.

ICBC put an offer on the table that was generous if we were only seeking compensation for pain and suffering. I rejected ICBC’s offer and set about building a loss of income claim. The problem was that my client’s income had actually gone up in the years after the accident.

As a pedestrian accident lawyer, I was able to demonstrate that while her income did go up in the years after the accident, it would have gone up, even more, had she not suffered her injuries. However, ICBC refused to budge. I then filed a Formal Offer at $201,500. Had the matter proceeded to trial, the judge would not be aware of our Formal Offer until after making his decision. ICBC knew that there are serious cost consequences for a Defendant if the injured party should get more at trial than the amount of the Formal Offer. Voila! ICBC accepted my Formal Offer.

crosswalk on streetMany pedestrian accident victims are unaware of the fact that even if they are in the wrong – perhaps they were jaywalking – it is usually possible for an aggressive lawyer to demonstrate that the driver was still partially at fault for the accident. As soon as some of the fault/liability is shifted on to the driver, my client is entitled to some compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income and out of pocket expenses.

A few years ago, I acted for a woman who drove her electric wheelchair into the side of a vehicle that was exiting a parking lot. At first blush, this accident was entirely the fault of my client. I was successful in obtaining an out of court settlement in excess of $100,000 for my client.

If you are the victim of a pedestrian accident, you may wish to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver familiar with these types of cases.

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