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Hire Tim Louis – Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a first-class personal injury lawyer in Vancouver BC is no easy feat. The reality is there are plenty of law firms that focus on volume, with the goal being quick and easy settlements involving as little effort as possible.

A personal injury lawyer in the Greater Vancouver area who is willing to put in the time required to get to know a client, who is accessible and focused on keeping the client up-to-date at all times, and who starts with the attitude that a trial is inevitable because trials generally yield the biggest settlements… well, finding such a person is not as easy as it might seem. Then again, anyone who starts with a call to Tim Louis & Company is on the right track.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own, you deserve compensation

It’s true! If you’ve been personally injured in any way by someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation. If someone has intentionally injured you in some way, you deserve compensation. If you’ve ever been harmed by a defective product or service, you deserve compensation.

And when any of the situations arise you deserve to have one of the best personal injury law firms in Vancouver and British Columbia in your corner… namely Tim Louis & Company.

25 years of experience

Tim Louis has been practising personal injury law for more than two decades, and nothing is as valuable in a personal injury case as experience. Dealing with ICBC claims constitutes a significant part of Tim’s practice, though he and his associates deal with all manner of personal injury lawsuits, including slips and falls, dog bites, assaults and any other instance caused by someone else.

For Tim, every case he undertakes becomes a personal fight on behalf of a valued client. He is always accessible, returns call promptly, and begins every case by getting to know the client involved. Tim’s clients are real people, not file folders and his ultimate goal is always to achieve the best possible result for them.

A personal injury suit is a strategic campaign, not a short-term skirmish

With Tim Louis and Company, there are no premature settlements. Every campaign starts with the setting of a trial date – a not-so-subtle signal that the case is going to go the distance, and that Tim is going to fight for every penny his client is entitled to in a settlement. In fact, settlement dollars aren’t even discussed until a client has fully recovered, or until a doctor says, “that’s as good as it’s going to get.” Only then can financial compensation be fairly determined.

In addition, every expert and report necessary to prove a client’s case will be presented, and Tim’s many years of practice, in combination with his superb reputation, ensures his clients have access to the best experts and any field.

Call a personal injury lawyer who will represent you

To sum up, when you need a personal injury lawyer to truly represent your best interests and not the interests of a big law firm’s bottom line, you need Tim Louis and Company in Vancouver BC. Contact us at (604) 732-7678 or send us an email at timlouis@timlouislaw.com.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

Personal injury lawyers handle cases such as slip and fall, trip and fall, dog attack/bite, physical assault, restaurant burns (hot liquid), hot water bottle leaks, chair collapses, property not maintained, food poisoning and other situations that cause personal injury.

2. What is considered a personal injury lawsuit?

A personal injury lawsuit is when the person who suffers an injury hires a lawyer, and sues the party responsible. 90% of lawsuits are usually settled prior to trial, however the objective is to obtain trial dollars without going to trial. Any lawyer can settle a case prior to trial. The goal, however is to obtain a settlement equivalent to trial dollars. To do this, your lawyer must thoroughly prepare for trial, assume the case will go to trial, and prepare in such a way that you get trial dollars

3. How to hire a personal injury lawyer?

To hire a personal injury lawyer, one needs to look at reputation, reviews online, summary of previous client’s experience with that lawyer, case experience, years in practice, lawsuit experience and more.

Paperwork required over the life of the lawsuit – discoveries, court appearances, pre-trial, chambers applications, mediations are online now – so location is no longer a driver of a decision of who to hire – what’s more important reputation, word of mouth, reviews, seniority, and experience.

After you choose a personal injury lawyer, visit their website, contact them, book a consultation, and then sign a letter of engagement.

4. What are the types of damages for personal injury (Heads of Damage)?

1. Pain and Suffering or General Damages – this is for the injury itself
2. Past Loss of Income – from the date of injury up to the date of settlement
3. Future Loss of Income – income loss that you will suffer after the date of settlement
4. Specials – out of pocket costs. Anything you paid for as a result of the injury – medical treatments, prescriptions and more – any costs other than those related to the lawsuit
5. Future Cost of Care – if you going to incur a care cost into the future – the defendant pays a lump sum for future cost of care as part of the settlement

5. How do you prove emotional distress?

When a person receives an expert diagnosis from a doctor, counsellor, psychologist or a psychiatrist to support emotional distress.


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