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Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Tim Louis – Vancouver BC

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Your employer must have a good reason to let you go. If he doesn’t, you are entitled to compensation. A downturn in business is not a good reason. Deciding to downsize is also not a good reason. Unless your employer can point to unacceptable conduct on your part, you are entitled to financial compensation. This is “Termination Without Cause“.

Financial Compensation From Being Wrongfully Dismissed

termination without cause vancouver bc | Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Serving Vancouver and BC | Tim LouisThe amount of financial compensation depends in part on how long you have worked before you were wrongfully dismissed. A rough rule of thumb is 4-6 weeks of severance pay for every year you worked before your wrongful termination.

Do not forget that the Court will deduct from your financial compensation any income you received during your notice period. Your notice period is the amount of notice your employer should have given you. This notice period is the 4-6 weeks for every year you worked referred to above.

Look For Alternative Employment Immediately

You must make your best effort to find alternative employment immediately after being wrongfully terminated. If you do not make your best effort, the Court may reduce your award to take into consideration the income you could have earned during your notice period.

A Recent Case Of Wrongful Termination

Recently, the BC Court of Appeal released its decision in a very interesting case. The employer wrongfully terminated an employee.

The employee sued for wrongful dismissal and claimed compensation. After the lawsuit was started but before it went to court, the employer offered the employee her old job back. She declined. At trial, the judge ruled that the worker was wrong to have turned down the offer of her old job back. Her claim was dismissed. Thankfully, the Court of Appeal overturned this decision.

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