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Long Term Disability Claim Denied?

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Has your long-term disability claim been denied by your insurance company?

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If you have long-term disability insurance and your insurance claim has been denied, call Tim Louis today for a free consultation. Get the compensation you deserve. Contact Tim Louis at 604-732-7678 or timlouis@timlouislaw.com.

Before you accept a claim from your insurance company, contact Tim Louis now.

Before you accept a claim from your insurance company, contact Long Term Disability Lawyer Tim Louis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

2. What conditions qualify for long-term disability?

If you have a medical or physical condition that prevents you from continuing to work at your current job, you qualify for long-term disability.

3. What happens to long-term disability if you lose your job?

While your long-term disability coverage comes to an end if you lose your job, your long-term disability benefits do not come to an end.

4. How do I appeal a long-term disability claim?

To appeal a long-term disability claim, you need to ask for an application form from your employer. Part of the form requires information in the form of an Attending Physician’s Statement. This gets filled out by the doctor, and depending on the employer’s rules, it is submitted to your employer, who in turn sends it to your insurer, or it goes directly to the insurance company.

5. Can my employer terminate me while on long-term disability?

Yes, an employer can terminate an employee while on long-term disability. You have grounds for a lawsuit against your employer for termination without cause if the employer has not waited long enough for you to recover and return to work.

What is long enough? It depends on how long you had worked for the employer before the long-term disability claim, as well as your doctor’s diagnosis, prognosis and prediction for when you would be able to return to work.

Whether your employer does or does not have grounds to terminate you, this has no impact whatsoever on your right to continue receiving long-term disability benefits and/or payments from your long-term disability insurance company.

6. Are you still employed when on long term disability?

Yes, you are still an employee of your employer while you are on long-term disability, unless your employer has terminated you and you are no longer employed.

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